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Sweet Iced Tea is a tradition in the South. So of course it’s a Best Seller. Infused with THC and HHC our new Not Your Grandma’s Sweet Tea comes in at 50mg in a 16.9 oz bottle, 1 serving per bottle.

Also available in a convenient concentrate. Sweet Tea Concentrate will be sold in a 16.9oz bottle but clearly labeled. Directions Sweet Tea Concentrate. 1) pour concentrate in to gallon pitcher. 2) add cold water to pitchers gallon mark if not marked. Use The 16.9 oz bottle and a 1:3 ratio . 1 bottle concentrate and then fill 3x with water add to gallon pitch stir refrigerate and serve chilled. Same 1:3 ratio apply to half gallon. We will take care of the rest.


Single serve -50 mg

Half Gallon -200 mg

Gallon 400mg

Ready to serve

Excluding Sales Tax
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