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Yes, You read that correctly!! This HHC Concentrate will have your mouth watering and your eyes heavy!


Indica strain Ice Cream Cake, Full Spectrum,  Botanical Derived HHC

Form: Concentrates

Effect: helps with sleep, relaxing, anxiety


 The now classic indica strain Ice Cream Cake combined with hemp-derived HHC. 

 Ice Cream Cake is a strain known for that sweet, vanilla-taste to help with sleep and anxiety and now combined here with the further relaxing HHC, it’s a perfect match!



This is a concentrated form of HHC that is typically dabbed or vaped but can be sprinkled on top of bowls, or even dropped into your coffee first thing in the morning. The sky is the limit with this high-quality and versatile product.

3G HHC Icecream Cake Concentrates

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