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In-Store Bud-Dab Bar Experience

Get to know  our product with our experienced budtenders by sampling the quality hemp-derived legal THC product in our chill spaces.


Cloudy Day offers a flower and dab bar experience where you can try some of the best cannabis in Tennessee. We have an extensive selection of indoor flower, edibles, CBD gummies, concentrated extracts, pre-rolls, and specialty items. Our Bud Tenders & CBD associates will walk you through our lineup of CBD & Hemp-derived Legal THC products to help you choose something that best suits you and your needs. You'll walk out with more knowledge and experience with the aide of expert associates.

Sample some of our exclusive cannabis extracts, concentrates, and flowers made from the best craft cannabis strains from Sativa, Indica, or even a Hybrid strain. All of our products have the best hemp flower with all the benefits. Sit at our dab bar and create an experience with our associates like no other cannabis store offers,

Talk with our Bud Tenders about how to purchase hemp flower and our hemp-derived recreational products, further information CBD and Legal THC, and the different types of cannabis strains. We're more than happy to provide assistance with any questions or concerns you may have. With free Wi-Fi and an excellent place to chill, relax a little, play a game or two,  enjoy our sunlit spaces, , or join us for an event. Check our Dispensary calendar for our events, dab parties, and more!

E-cigarette selection


The molecules responsible for the taste and aroma of cannabis flowers evaporate at different temperatures.; some are more delicate than others. We offer an array of vaporizers to get the most out of our Legal THC flower and concentrated extracts. Vaporizers heat at a lower temperature and do not combust the organic matter as smoking does, destroying the more delicate compounds in the CBD dabs of craft cannabis flower. Thus absorbing more of the terpenes and less of the heavy smoke. You also taste the full spectrum and complexity of the flower and its strain.


Lounge Area(s) & Arcade

The Cloudy Day experience is one of the best you can get at a cannabis dispensary. Relax, take some time to recharge. Read a book, have a conversation, or use our free wi-fi to get some work done, or even enjoy the novelty games and arcade we have.

Take a dab at the dab bar and enjoy the best craft cannabis and legal THC products.

Enjoy life to the fullest!

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