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Cannabinoid: Delta 8 THC-O, Delta 8 THC

Spectrum: Full Spectrum

Terpenes: Botanical Derived

Amount: 3g

Effect: Hybrid

This Sour Zkittlez Delta 8 and THCO distillate blend contains strain-specific terpenes from the famous hybrid Sour Zkittlez strain that is known for its upbeat positive energy!

This beautiful amber-colored concentrate can be vaped, dabbed, cooked with food, added to coffee, taken sublingually, or however you prefer. If flavor is what you’re after, keep the temperatures low to savor every last drop!

For those unfamiliar with delta 8 THC or THCO, delta 8 has often been called delta 9 THC’s smoother and milder cousin that is typically free from the paranoia and anxiety associated with delta 9. THCO on the other hand is much stronger than delta 9 THC and in high enough quantities has been said to be psychedelic. Combined, these two cannabinoids balance each other quite well for a relaxing and euphoric addition to any day.

Sour Zkittlez Concentrate D8 THC THCO

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